The Cloud Is Quickly Becoming the Norm For Applications And Data Storage

Cloud usage is accelerating at a rapid rate, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Right now, 90 percent of all companies are using the cloud in some way, and in the next 10 years, spending on public cloud alone is slated to multiply by a factor of five to $500 billion, according to recent studies by North Bridge and Wikibon.

Enterprises are launching new infrastructure at a furious pace, migrating workloads of all kinds and big chunks of data to public and private cloud environments. Many of these enterprises are generating tangible results - cutting out costs, increasing agility and getting products to market faster.

Governance is a key differentiator for companies that leverage their clouds efficiently. As companies grow their cloud environments they have to conduct a balancing act between agility and control. They want to be flexible, get to market quickly and innovate, but they need to institute processes to ensure secure, effective and efficient use of IT resources. The best of the best accomplish this using centralized governance.

Learn about these six steps to cloud governance success:

1.    Designate someone to oversee governance
2.    Pursue a clearly articulated strategy of leveraging advanced pricing vehicles
3.    Manage by exception
4.    Closely monitor internal cloud use
5.    Have a standard reference architecture
6.    Ensure that governance is an ongoing effort

Cloud computing is the new normal. Adoption is growing rapidly, and the enterprises that are using cloud wisely are able to conduct business in dramatically different ways. To get the most out of the cloud, while keeping a lid on cloud complexity, organizations need to establish clear, concise governance practices. Doing a good job on cloud governance will set organizations on the right path to long-term success.

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